Vision & Concept

I believe that travellers are tired of traveling in the usual way. They should realise that visiting a city means a lot more than just being there. It means you should try to interact, connect with others and give something back of yourself.

If you like to have a vacation out of the ordinary, first of all, try to make some sense when you want to communicate with others and make an effort to speak at least some English when you try to start a conversation. Spend more than just a few days in Amsterdam and then slowly you will get the feeling like you have always lived there.
I interact with locals to make them appreciate the scents, tastes, and views of the city.
Take a moment and think back to what you really have learned about your last trip. What were your interests and how did you fulfil your desires.

Now stop and take a moment to think back of what you should do better next time you travel to a city. How you could experience more and how you could come back to your own country with more pleasant experiences and memories.After your trip, you might have developed some new insights on how to explore your own city in a different way.
Now I guarantee, that if I provide you with a unique experience, only then you will, forever, remember Amsterdam in a totally different and positive way.

From then on Amsterdam will never be the same for you. Furthermore, you may want to bring along some friends to Amsterdam next time!